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How important are your leaders within your organization? Effective managers and leaders can improve employee performance by 25% and retention by a staggering 40%. Aren’t they worth investing in?

If you want to build better leaders today and develop the skills of your leaders of tomorrow, then creating a program of training using blended learning will give managers the knowledge, skills and confidence to develop staff and lead from the front. Develop your blended learning better using these five vital tips, taken from our guide to blends that work for leadership.

Get flexible

Combine resources with courses. Enable personalized journeys. Mix up formal/informal/on-the-job. Make it sustainable and ongoing.

Get mentoring

Provide a consistent touch point. Develop the journey together. Offer expert input and advice. Provide evidence-based feedback. Go virtual if needs be.

Get practical with tips and tools

Help create space and time for learning. Support the just-in-time pull as well as push. Provide useful tips, tools and short-shots of learning.

Get social

Provide a one-stop portal or hub. Harness an online community of practice. Create focused action learning groups. Make use of virtual classrooms. Crowd source answers and examples. Provide self-assessment and diagnostic tools. Enable personalized targets and methods for meeting them.

Get real about recognition and assessment

Tap into 360 and manager feedback. Encapsulate a variety of evidence from scores to reports. Capture date to recognize contributions on online community sites. Offer accreditation or qualifications.

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