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We inspire personal growth and great organizational performance by creating engaging and impactful learning experiences

Our People

Our team is a group of enthusiastic professionals who share a passion for creativity and delivering great customer service.

We help organizations transform learning and achieve growth and success. We can support organizations with every element of their journey, from learning strategy to impact and measurement and fully customized Learning.

Smart Learning Arabia has the diverse expertise and impactful solutions required to ensure organizations can fully realize their vision.

Our principles

Everything we do is shaped by living and breathing our values. Whether that’s giving back to our communities, committing to quality, being innovative or serving our clients to the best of our ability, you’ll see our values being reflected through our work and our actions. For our customers and for our people, we’re shaping futures

We strongly believe that if we design better learning experiences, we’ll get better results. And workplace learning and development doesn’t need to be boring.

Living Our Values


Smart learning Arabia was founded to stir things up in the learning and development world. Since the start we’ve been pushing boundaries, finding innovative and creative solutions that make a difference. We’re always moving, shaping the future of learning for you and your people


We want to make sure the experience is of high quality for you. And we’re focused on quality in the work we produce. To make that happen, we employ the very best people. Together with our clients we’ve won numerous awards as we strive to make a measurable difference for your business.


We couldn’t do what we do without the help of great relationships with our customers. Our approach is to listen to our customers’ and create a partnership that gives us the best chance of helping them achieve business goals. We’re outcome-focused and we love to make our customers proud.

Service Excellence

We’re here to make our customers’ lives better. We work hard to understand the challenges you face and find solutions together. We want you to have a great experience partnering with us – and that means we’re honest, direct, responsive and committed every step of the way.