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We are a leading provider of online learning solutions

We develop online training and education systems that include bespoke digital training courses and custom learning management systems. Our courses and systems provide modern learning experiences that are truly engaging for the 21st century learners.

Digital Training Courses

Engaging elearning course styles that helps people learn and grow


Learning Management Systems

Tailored systems for delivery of effective and sustainable learning


Sustainable Development Strategies

Making the most of your human capital development efforts

We are a leading provider of online learning solutions

Our online learning solutions are innovative, customized, and unique! We combine industry specific expertise with the latest learning technologies to enable our customers to effectively raise competency levels and reach the highest levels of performance standards.

We empower our clients with a portfolio of digital training services that allow them to own their learning and to foster an environment of continuous development

Own Your Learning

What if an LMS was genuinely engaging? Somewhere students can be active participants in media-rich learning experiences and communicate with their peers through a moderated classroom.

Somewhere that places curriculum at the forefront rather than the medium of digital delivery, making it easier for teachers to assess progress and guide students down the learning paths that are best for them.

What if you could actually own your LMS rather than just license it?

Develop Technical Cadres

You need a quick and an effective way to develop the technical abilities and specialized knowledge of your staff who are already on the job. Long term studies and academic courses are usually helpful but do not lead to skills development that can translate to better performances.

Our bridging programs are developed by industry experts who have been there done that. Courses are short-term ranging from few days to 3 months long. They are competency based and practical in nature and provide staff with the tried and tested technical know how.

Our technical development programs guarantee the development of technical skills as they do bridge the knowledge / application gap

Sustain Development Efforts

Better health and education lead to human empowerment. We provide our partners with programs designed to equip individuals with key life skills that will leave them inspired and empowered.

With development being a transformation process, we equip organizations with the learning systems they need to develop their ability to set and achieve their own objectives.

We work with public and private institutions to establish or upgrade their own training platforms across multiple disciplines to meet increasing demand and sustain the development efforts

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Video Courses

Recorded Webinars

Animation Courses

We partner with the best-in-class organizations to deliver amazing learning experiences

Working with organizations across multiple sectors