Tour Guides Training & Licensing

A smart tour guide training & licensing platform that provides guides with the knowledge and skills they need to practice the guiding profession with confidence and competence

Mastering the Art of Tour Guiding

• We have been working with tour guides in the region and around the world for over two decades now. And if there is one thing that stood out, it’s the need to always go back to basics; the basic knowledge and skills that make up the solid foundation of a tour guide.

• Our practical training courses are developed by a group of international tour guiding experts, who got together to design and develop a course that focuses on some of the most fundamental aspects of the tour guiding profession.

• Given the field nature of tour guiding, we designed courses to be mobile friendly and to be a true “on-the-job companion”, so you can keep using them “on the go” whether to learn the basics, for a quick refresher, or in preparation for a special tour.

Smart Licensing Systems

• We work with various destinations to design and develop smart licensing systems for tour guides. The type of systems that ensure the highest competency levels of licensed tour guides.

• We use the latest learning technologies and instructional design techniques to turn the content of different guiding specialties into a format suitable for either online or hybrid learning

• Licensing systems are good for first time licensing for tour guides, returning tour guides who are renewing their licenses as well as for continuous professional development of practicing tour guides.

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