Visitor Experience Academy

An ai-driven tourism training platform that provides tourism staff with the technical know-how and skills they need to deliver memorable experiences to visitors every step of the way

Tailored Content

• The platform offers competency-based learning paths that cater to the different phases of visitors’ experience

• Each path offers a set of courses to help tourism staff deliver truly amazing experiences to visitors every step of the way

• Learners can choose from ready-made courses or tailor their own courses from our vast pool of material according to their needs.

• Content is made available in bite-size nuggets to facilitate the learning process on and off the job and to promote life-long learning.

• The platform will leverage the power of AI to create and curate content. As such, content is constantly updated, and new topics are added to keep up with latest trends and developments in the industry

Ai-powered delivery

• Ability to use the language of choice for their learning journey

• Learners can customize their courses by picking and choosing the topics that meets their actual needs, from a vast library of training material

• Tailored activities and scenarios will help learners put their newly acquired skills into action resulting in actual performance improvements

• Learners can ask questions and receive detailed answers while watching videos or interacting with elearning modules

• Learners to dig deeper into specific topics and get detailed information that is more relevant to their locations and markets

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