Women’s Economic and Social Empowerment

An online training platform dedicated to increase recruitment and retention of women in high-growth sectors and to help low-income women develop greater financial literacy and access to funds

Social & economic skills

• The platform offers competency-based learning paths designed to equip teachers with the skills they need to provide modern education

• Content is provided in an engaging and interactive format that would help teachers acquire new skills and apply them in their everyday teaching practices

• Content is made available in bite-size nuggets to facilitate the learning process on and off the job and to promote life-long learning.

• And we designed course structures that are suitable for the delivery of content using a Flip Model

Innovative Delivery Channels

• We worked with leading educational organizations in Finland, Singapore, US and Australia to develop specialized content

• We used latest instructional design techniques to turn content into a format suitable for hybrid learning

• And we used innovative learning technologies to develop digital training courses that are conducive to skills acquisition

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