Women’s Economic and Social Empowerment

An online training platform dedicated to increase recruitment and retention of women in high-growth sectors and to help low-income women develop greater financial literacy and access to funds

Social & economic skills

• The platform offers specially designed courses to equip women in the workplace with the knowledge and skills to raise gender equality, increase women's employment and retention in developing sectors, and raise awareness of the incentives and benefits of corporate gender equality measures

• A second set of training programs aims at raising the awareness of trainees and their knowledge of financial, banking and insurance products and providing them with knowledge and skills that help them obtain appropriate financing and financial facilities

• The third set of training programs aims to reduce societal acceptance of harassment and violence against women, improve beliefs and behaviors that enhance women's social and economic status, and expand access to services needed by women survivors.

Innovative Delivery Channels

• Content is provided in an engaging and interactive format that would help learners acquire new skills and apply them in their everyday life

• Content is made available in bite-size nuggets to facilitate the learning process on and off the job and to promote life-long learning.

• And we used innovative learning technologies and smart instructional design techniques to develop digital training courses that can bridge the knowledge - application gap and lead to actual skills acquisition

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