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Your Trusted Partner for

Social and Economic Development


We believe that you don’t build capacity as a means to achieving development. Increased capacity is what development is. It is the end itself.


Better health and education help achieve empowerment. An empowered person or community is better prepared to respond to opportunities or challenges that come along.


Development is a process, not a result; it is the transformation of institutional and individual capacities that can lead to sustained change.

Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

Capacity building

We work in true partnership with our stakeholders to set and achieve objectives, developing their abilities through a learning by doing approach.

Life skills

Our development programs are designed to yield changed behaviors and to equip learners with new life skills that will empower them to take charge of their own future.

Education & awareness

Our education and awareness programs are not a one-off event but rather a continuing education process that reinforces the learning and sustains change in behaviors

Development strategies

Development cannot be a one size fits all process, but rather has to be tailored to individuals, communities, and institutions. And this is where our team’s vast knowledge comes in very handy

Systems strengthening

We build development systems that strengthen institutional capacities to deliver critical education and awareness to surrounding communities, hard to reach areas and areas of conflict as well

Monitoring & evaluation

Our development systems track usage, uptake, and completion rates. Reports and analytics signal successful efforts and detect lagging areas for quick action and improvements

Transforming lives through
Learning & technology

By applying our learning approach of mentoring and project-based activities, we provide communities with technical know-how, entrepreneurship skills, soft skills, and mindsets to realize their aspirations

By strengthening the soft skills that are critical for creating sustainable social change in a community, Smart Learning Arabia can improve the effectiveness and sustainability of programs such as youth mentorship, microcredit, community development, workforce development and entrepreneurship programs.

Our systems are designed to strengthen local leadership, governance capacity, and institutional bodies so communities can lead and manage the execution of their plan with minimal external support. Our process also provides mentors and program staff the tools to evaluate how behavior associated with the soft skill has changed

We help participants build practical skills, reinforce their ability and desire to learn, and develop the associated behaviors that are necessary for becoming self-reliant citizens and entrepreneurs.

Life Changing
Learning Journeys

Having a better appreciation of market demand and improved ability to set prices for his products

Learning new ways to earn income

Demonstrating stronger critical thinking and problem-solving habits

Mentoring women entrepreneurs

Showing a clearer perception of their situation and a greater realization that they are capable of realizing their goals

Bringing change to their community

Improving children’s chances in life through school education as a result of changed perceptions and new income streams

Discovering the joy of learning

Getting involved in the lives of their families through gaining new skills and ability to put food on the table

Engaging young fathers